Why Join WASA:


Industry professionals representing every sector join industry leaders, peers, colleagues, business experts and top manufacturers to build their businesses and explore new opportunities. If you work in any of the following areas, regardless of the size of your operation, you should be a part of WASA:

Garage Doors
Commercial Service Rolling Doors
Fire Rated and Counter Top Doors
Gates and Access Controls
Pit, Bumper, Dock Seals and Dock Levelers
Store Front Entrances
High Speed Doors & Air Curtains
Scissor & Folding Gates
Residential & Commercial Operators
Safety Devices, Loop, Photo, and Electric Edges
Sheet Metal and Sectional Doors
Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
Parking Control and Barrier Arms
All Hardware associated with Industry
Industry related Safety Equipment
Software, Insurance and Help with Contractors License


• See firsthand what’s new in the industry. New products are continuously launching, and WASA’s annual Regional Trade Show is THE industry event to see them. It’s the largest venue of its kind in the western states area to check out the best new ideas and give yourself a complete look at what’s available now so  you stay current and competitive in your local market.

• Get smart—and stay that way.  WASA delivers relevant industry information and education to advance your business—and your career. Attend annual regional trade Show seminars conducted by industry leaders, and don’t’ forget that WASA offers IDEA Certification.

• Expand your network and strengthen your connections. Take advantage of valuable networking opportunities to meet with other garage door professionals and share ideas, advice and connections that can help improve your operations—and your profits.

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