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Thursday September 23th 2021

Education Slot 1 – 6pm-7pm

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Education Slot 2 – 7pm-8pm

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Friday September 24th 2021

Education Slot 3 – 8am-4pm

IDEA Train-The-Trainer
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Speaker: TBD

Dealers who want to have certified installers first must have access to an IDEA-sanctioned trainer. This is most often accomplished by registering an experienced installer in an IDEA Train-the-Trainer program.

The Train-the-Trainer class is designed to teach training skills. Registrants must already have installation and service skills, as this program deals strictly with training new hires and less experienced employees. The class covers interactive training skills, evaluation techniques and fundamentals of teaching others. Importantly, the course emphasizes the essential nature of professionalism from the beginning of training to the conclusion.


Education Slot 4 – 9am-10am

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Controlled Products Systems Group
Speaker: TBD


Education Slot 5 – 10am-11pm

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Education Slot 6 – 11am-12pm

Speaker: Brian Dickson of BD Loops

Introduction to Loops for Doors and Gates
The “Introduction to Loops for Doors and Gates
seminar crams inductance loop fundamentals you must to know to install successful loop systems into a 30 minute crash course. This course is ideal for dealers interested in installing automated gates and commercial doors. Or for any installer who wants to brush up on their inductance loop know-how.

Attendees will also receive a copy of the Loopalator-the loop layout calculator. The BD Loops Loopalator allows you to easily calculate the size of loops needed and creates a detailed layout plan for any gate or door installation. All you need to know is the width of the gate or door installation and the type of gate or door to be installed. The diagram is printable and ideal for including with bids, or taking to jobsites as custom layout instructions.

Saturday Sept 25th 2021

Education Slot 7 – 10am-11am

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Education Slot 8 – 11am-12pm

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