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Friday September 29th 2022

Education Slot 1A (Boardroom) – 10:30am



Speaker: Andrew Stergiou of Alliant

Insurance 101

Review the necessary insurance coverages (GL, WC, Auto, Property, and Umbrella) for IDA/WASA members.

Education Slot 1B (Drumroom (Upstairs)) – 10:30am




Speaker: Paul McManus of Haas Door

What are you selling?

Helping you define your company story and how that differentiates your comapny, increases your sales, and reduces closing ratios.

Education Slot 2A (Boardroom) – 11:15am

Speaker: Justin Hubschman of LiftMaster

Diagnostics and Service Profitability

How diagnostics can help provide better service for customers and profitability for dealers.

Education Slot 2B (Drumroom (Upstairs)) – 11:15am




Speaker: Tom De Silva of IDEA Board

Gate Safety Standards

Tom is President of the IDEA board and will be giving an in-depth review of critical gate safety standards providing information necessary to design and install a safe gate system.

Education Slot 3A (Boardroom) – 12:00pm



Speaker: Brace Lake of Marantec

Integrated WiFi and Blue-tooth Connectivity for Residential & Commercial Operators

The Maveo and the MaveoPro applications for the Marantec products allow customer control and Wi-Fi interface on their operators. Bluetooth connection allows installers and technicians access to the systems while on the jobsite. The connectivity is for system setup, advanced adjustments, and diagnostics.

Education Slot 3B (Drumroom (Upstairs)) – 12:00pm





Speaker: Byron Burland of Besser Bros

Adapting to the Market POST COVID from a Dealers Perspective

The past 2 years was a trying period for everyone. We experienced triple digit price increases, extended product lead times and continual supply chain issues, not to mention the severe labor situation. Despite this, we found ways to overcome the past challenges and in doing so, have been able to grow substantially not only in revenue, but have increased our EBITDA to a respectable level that competes with other service industries. Our employees are some of the highest paid in the Industry, we have developed creative cost effective ways to go to market,  and my goal is to share our experience as a Dealer with the hope that together, we become better than we were, and be recognized as  “Professionals” which we truly are.

Education Slot 4A (Boardroom) – 2:00pm





Speaker: Brian Dickson of BD Loops

Everything You Need to Know About Loops
The “Introduction to Loops for Doors and Gatesseminar crams inductance loop fundamentals you must to know to install successful loop systems. This course is ideal for dealers interested in installing automated gates and commercial doors. Or for any installer who wants to brush up on their inductance loop know-how.

Education Slot 4B (Drumroom (Upstairs)) – 2:00pm

Speaker: Justin Hubschman of LiftMaster

Residential Access Control Security, video streaming, intercoms, and access control for homeowners and small businesses or residences

Security, video streaming, intercoms, and access control for homeowners and small businesses or residences.

Education Slot 5A (Boardroom) – 4:00pm




Speaker: Tim Nordstrom of Controlled Products Systems Group (CPSG)

The Newest Telephone Entry Technologies

Cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet & Wireless bridge connection for perimeter access solutions.

Education Slot 5B (Drumroom (Upstairs)) – 4:00pm





Speaker: Scott Doyle of Genie

Genie: New Commercial Line Introduction

New commercial operators and accessories Genie has and the improvement made to the line-up.

Saturday October 1st 2022

Education Slot 6A (Drumroom (Upstairs)) – 10:00am (Following WASA Member Breakfast)




Speaker: Mike Fisher of IDA

Fraudulent Internet Business

Discussion about fake company listings through Google and related fraudulent behavior in the door industry.

Education Slot 6B (Drumroom (Upstairs)) – 10:45am (Followinguring WASA Member Breakfast)






Speaker: Ryan Lucia of Torsion Talk

Everything Starts and Ends with Company Culture
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